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Biblical Teaching 25: Lessons from the Psalms

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This Bible Teaching Unit includes a study of verses from 22 of the 150 Psalms.  It is a rich study which includes the following themes:  forgiveness; God's knowledge of us as humans; God as creator and deliverer; prayer and trust; our relationship to government; what it means to be a righteous person; how we can rightly worship God; and how we experience joy in the presence of the Lord.

One of the enjoyable aspects of a study of the psalms is an occasional glimpse of the coming Messiah.  The reader asks himself or herself how a writer who lived 1,000 years before Christ could understand so much about Him.

Unit 52:  Lessons from the Psalms
  Lessons from the Psalms -- Introduction  
Session 1:
Forgiveness Psalm 51:1-13, 17
Session 2:
God Knows Me Psalm 139:1-17, 23-24
Session 3:
Trusting God in Times of Trouble Psalm 40:1-5, 9-11, 16-17
Session 4:
God Is Creator Psalm 104
Session 5:
God Deliverers Us Psalm 34
Session 6:
Prayer – Talking with God in Life's Worst Situations Psalms 3:1-8; 4:1-8; 71:1-5, 19-22
Session 7:
What Is Man that God Is Mindful of Him? Psalm 8
Session 8:
The Happiness of the Righteous and the Ruin of the Wicked Psalms 1; 14
Session 9:
Praying for and Respecting Government Officials and Anticipating the Messiah Psalms 2:7-12; 20:1-9; 21:1-7; 63:1-11
Session 10:
Entering Into God's Presence – Living a Pure Life Psalms 15:1-5; 24:3-6
Session 11:
God On His Throne – Enthroned Over the Universe Psalms 47; 93
Session 12:
The Worshipping Congregation Psalms 67; 108:1-6; 121
Session 13:
Joy In the Presence of the Lord Psalm 16


No hay traducciones disponibles.

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