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Biblical Teaching 10: The Gospel of Luke: Parables Jesus Told


Much of Jesus’ teaching was accomplished through the telling of parables—a very common teaching method in His day. All four Gospels share some of those parables with us. These two Units totalling 14 sessions focus on Luke’s accounting of parables taught by Jesus—and specifically on those that appear only in the Gospel of Luke. Other parables found in Matthew, Mark, and John are included in sessions from our studies in those Gospels. Parables are more than a story with a “moral” to it. They are quite distinct from that literary concept. And, ultimately, they are designed to provoke serious thought and call for decisions in important areas of life.

Unit 29: Parables Jesus Told in Luke 7 to 14
  The Gospel of Luke: Parables Jesus Told -- Introduction  
Session 1:
The Two Forgiven Debtors: Showing Gratitude for Forgiveness Luke 7:36-50
Session 2:
The Compassionate Samaritan: Acting with Love Luke 10:25-37
Session 3:
The Needy Friend Asking for Help: Praying to a Gracious God Luke 11:5-13
Session 4:
The Foolish Rich Person: Calculating What Is Important in Life Luke 12:13-21
Session 5:
The Unfruitful Fig Tree: Recognizing the Need to Repent Luke 13:1-9
Session 6:
Banquet Guests and the Host: Relying on God’s Grace Luke 14:7-14
Unit 30: More Parables Jesus Told in Luke 14 to 18
Session 7:
The Tower Builder and the King: Counting the Cost Luke 14:25-33
Session 8:
The Lost Coin and the Father with Two Sons: Rejoicing to Find What Was Lost Luke 15:8-32
Session 9:
The Shrewd Manager: Using Resources for the Highest Purpose Luke 16:1-13
Session 10:
Lazarus and the Six Brothers: Helping People in Need Luke 16:19-31
Session 11:
The Unrewarded Servant: Recognizing that God Owes Us Nothing Luke 17:7-10
Session 12:
The Widow and the Unfit Judge Luke 18:1-8
Session 13:
Two People at Prayer: Relating Authentically to God Luke 18:9-14
Session 14:
Knowing the Resurrected Christ Luke 24:13-35