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Biblical Teaching 2: Jesus in the Gospel of Mark


In sixteen swiftly-moving chapters, the Gospel of Mark tells the story of Jesus in a way that calls for a decision by every person.  Mark’s message about Jesus also provides hope and assurance that commitment—the kind of commitment that means taking up our own cross and following him—is indeed worthwhile.  Mark’s account of Jesus also is such that reading and studying it can equip Christians to share the message with others.  A study of key passages in the Gospel of Mark presents an ideal way to enter the search for and understanding of the historical and divine Son of God.

Unit 4: Beginning His Ministry
  Beginning His Ministry: Introduction  
Session 1:
Jesus Proclaims and Lives the Good News Mark 1:9-15, 29-39
Session 2:
Jesus Faces Conflict Mark 2:1-17; 3:1-6
Session 3:
Jesus Encounters Varying Responses Mark 3:7-35
Session 4:
Jesus Interprets His Ministry Mark 4:1-20
Unit 5: Showing His Power
  Showing His Power: Introduction  
Session 5:
Jesus Demonstrates His Power Mark 4:35-41; 5:21-43
Session 6:
Jesus Shows Compassion for People Mark 6:30-52
Session 7:
Jesus Broadens His Ministry Mark 7:1-8; 14-30
Session 8:
Jesus Calls for Personal Decision Mark 8:27-38
Unit 6: Suffering for Us
  Suffering for Us: Introduction  
Session 9:
Jesus Teaches About Service Mark 9:33-37; 10:35-45
Session 10:
Jesus Asserts His Authority Mark 11:15-18, 27—12:12
Session 11:
Jesus Teaches About the Future Mark 13:1-37
Session 12:
Jesus Gives His Life Mark 14:12-26, 32-42
Session 13:
Jesus Is Condemned Mark 14:53—15:20
Session 14:
Jesus Dies and Lives Again! Mark 15:21-41; 16:1-8