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Biblical Teaching 26: Habakkuk: The Sovereignty of God


Prophesying in Habakkuk's time involved grave personal risk. Yet he boldly strove to bring the nation back to God. The message is as relevant for today as it was when it was written. This study calls out to us for a renewed dependence on God's sovereignty over our lives and the whole world. It stands unique in the fact that Habakkuk voices the questions of the people to God, rather than simply preaching God's message to the people.

Unit 53: The Sovereignty of God
  The Sovereignty of God -- Introduction  
Session 1:
Why does a good God allow evil in the world? Habakkuk 1
Session 2:
The Righteous Shall Live by Faith Habakkuk 2
Session 3:
The Ever Just but Ever Compassionate God Habakkuk 3