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Biblical Teaching 4: Romans : Good News for a Troubled World


We often hear Paul’s Letter to the Churches in Rome described as “a theology for everyone”.  Our sessions “Introduction” to this series of studies on Romans says it best:  “The Letter to the Romans is Paul's most orderly, complete, carefully-reasoned statement of the gospel.  Written some thirty years or so after Jesus' death and resurrection, the book is a classic statement of the meaning of the Christian faith”.

Every church should take time to study this wonderful book.  Home-based churches can be especially blessed as you discover that everyone can grow greatly in understanding what and why and how we believe as we do.  Divided into four separate Units, a church can study one session a week—or, by adding your own “Worship Time” events, focus on one Unit for a long as needed to get the most from the studies.

Unit 10: The Problem We Cannot Solve
Session 1:
What the Gospel Is All About Romans 1:1-17
Session 2:
Why Ignoring God Won't Work Romans 1:18-32
Session 3:
Why Being Religious Is Not Enough Romans 2:1-13, 28-29; 3:19-20
Session 4:
God's Simple, Powerful Solution Romans 3:21-4:12
Unit 11: What God's Solution Does for Us
Session 5:
Rejoice! Romans 5:1-11
Session 6:
Get Free! Romans 6:1-14, 20-23
Session 7:
Live Victoriously! Romans 8:1-2, 12-28, 38-39
Unit 12: We Can Count on God
Session 8:
God's Choice and Our Responsibility Romans 9:1-8; 10:1-21
Session 9:
God's Merciful Kindness Romans 11:13-36
Unit 13: So How Should We Live?
Session 10:
Give Your Very Selves—Together Romans 12:1-8
Session 11:
Live the Way of Love Romans 12:9-21; 13:8-10
Session 12:
Relate as Christians to Government Romans 13:1-7
Session 13:
Accept Christians Who Differ from You Romans 14:7-19; 15:1-7