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Biblical Teaching 6: The Gospel of Matthew


Each of the first four books of the New Testament, the Gospels, shares with us the life of Jesus in its own unique way and purpose.  So, the study of the Gospel of Matthew presents us with the message of God’s offer of redemption to mankind in a manner quite distinct from Mark.  We will not be repeating the studies in Mark.  And, we will learn much more about Jesus.  Quoting often from the Old Testament, Matthew concentrates on the understanding of God’s grace as opposed to Old Testament (Old Covenant) law.  Matthew urges us toward evangelism—the salvation of a lost world.

Unit 15: Getting Ready for Jesus' Ministry
  The Gospel of Matthew: Jesus As the Fulfillment of God’s Promises: Introduction  
Session 1:
God with Us, for Everyone Matthew 1:18—2:12
Session 2:
Challenged to Change Matthew 3:1-17
Unit 16: Jesus' Authority in Word and Deed
Session 3:
Live Like This Matthew 5:17-48
Session 4:
It’s Your Move Now Matthew 9:18-35
Unit 17: Go – and Come
Session 5:
Commanded to Go Matthew 9:36—10:1, 5-10, 24-39
Session 6:
Invited to Come Matthew 11:2-6, 16-30; 12:15-21
Unit 18: Time to Decide
Session 7:
What Faith Is Worth Matthew 16:13-26
Session 8:
What Faith Costs Matthew 16:13-26
Unit 19: Pointed Questions and Challenging Answers
Session 9:
Will You Forgive? Matthew 18:15-35
Session 10:
How Does Faith Affect Family Life? Matthew 19:1-15
Session 11:
Are You Ready Matthew 25:31-46
Unit 20: Jesus' Destiny and Ours
Session 12:
The Gift We Can’t Live Without Matthew 26:26-29, 36-45; 27:33-55
Session 13:
The Command We Dare Not Ignore Matthew 28:1-10, 16-20