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Let Us Introduce You to a Great Place to Meet God

Churches come in all Sizes, Shapes, and Places!!!!

Children readingOne of the best places for your church may be your own home. After all, homes are where most of the churches in the days of the New Testament met for worship, fellowship, teaching, and ministry. Led by laypersons like us, they were powerful—and changed their world by meeting God at home.

Churches that meet in homes are booming around the world. No wonder! They fill a room and then grow by starting another similar church. They are simple to begin and to function. They never have to worry about buildings, salaries, maintenance, or complicated organizations. And anyone can do it. We are!! You can, too.

Home Church Online offers small, lay-led, home-based churches over 200 free weekly guides for Bible Study and worship. Divided into meaningful and purposeful units, these weekly guides bring to the home church four years of rich worship experiences. Home Church Online also offers training in starting, growing, and reproducing more home churches.

Home Church News

46 new studies from Hebrews; the Gospel of John; Jeremiah; 1,2,3 John; Micah; and Psalms are now available for immediate downloading and use!  All are located on the Sessions page.